Candle Care

It's essential to care for your candle, and by doing so, you'll enjoy a candle that burns brilliantly and fragrances perfectly. Follow our simple candle care advice for a perfect burn each and every time.


The first time you light an Urban Candle, you should allow it enough time to burn, so that the whole top layer of the candle is fully melted. This is known as the full burn. A Three Wick or Candle Tin should achieve a full burn within approx. 1.5 hours. 

Natural wax has a memory, and by allowing it to achieve a full burn, your product will burn out rather than down, and won't leave a circle of wax around the inside of the container. (This is known as "Tunneling") If your candle is burning out, instead of down the middle, you'll enjoy a much longer lasting product. All Urban Candle products are designed to achieve a full burn, and you should not be left with any wax around the outside of the container. 


You should always trim the wick of your candle before re-lighting it. Simply nip the top of the wick off to leave a nice clean 1/2cm wick that's free from any build-up and debris. Your Urban Candle will be supplied with the wick trimmed to the perfect size.

By doing this each and every time, you'll help your candle burn cleanly and will stop it from emitting black smoke and soot. It will also help the candle fragrance better, and last longer. The fact our products are paraffin-free means you should not see any black marks on your container, providing you follow our candle care advice. 

If you have any questions or require advice about candle care, please email our customer service team who will be delighted to help. Email: