NEW - Liquid Melts
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NEW - Liquid Melts

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Brand New for 2020, our Liquid Melts are a perfect alternative to Wax Melts, and give an amazingly powerful fragrance, with less mess and less fuss!

Simply Shake, Pour and Enjoy

Shake your liquid melt bottle, Pour some of our unique formula into your clean wax melt vessel (Don't add anything else other than our Liquid Melt formula) Light a tea light candle as normal and Enjoy the power of our new creation.

Unlike Wax Melts, our liquid melt formula completely evaporates, leaving no residual wax to clean or scrape from your burner. 

Each bottle contains 65ml of formula, enough to fragrance for around 30+ hours. 

Choose from 9 unique fragrances (20+ more available in mid-february 2020)

  • 100% Cruelty Free (Oils are non-animal tested)
  • Cosmetic grade, paraban free, UK made fragrance oils
  • Developed and Manufactured by us
  • 65ml / Up to 30+ hours of fragrance